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3 steps to moving your business forward

Firstly, how are you doing?

How are you adapting to the new way of working – are you managing to juggle the kids whilst still doing some work? That initial shock seems to have lessened and now it’s about adapting to what’s going on and realising that there will be a new normal.


It’s certainly not business as usual at the moment but getting used to the new normal and understanding the new way of working might mean that there’s lots of things to consider.

It’s no real surprise that many of the business owners we speak to don’t know what to do for the best and how to move their business forward during these uncertain times.

One thing is sure…..do nothing and your in-action will kill your business.

You can’t control what’s going on in the world but you can, absolutely, control how you respond. Taking action now will help ensure that your business survives the tidal wave of shock. 

As I see it, there’s three possible camps your business will be in.

  • All work has stopped and you have no revenue.
  • Some work has been paused but you can still work.
  • Your business is thriving and you have new enquiries and new work coming in.

It doesn’t matter which camp you sit in…your initial focus will be survival and securing revenue, particularly in the short term.

Here’s some ways you can look to secure some revenue and move forward over the next weeks and months.

Talk to your clients – existing and lapsed.

You’ve got to pick up the phone and talk to each one of your clients. Ask them how they’re doing and how you may be able to help them? Now is the time to focus and really double down on the relationships you have.  Plus, it’ll benefit you in terms of knowing and understanding what they’re position is. Keeping in touch means that you can keep yourself up to date of any changes that may affect how and when you work with your client.

Clients of ours have secured new work just by picking up the phone and showing that they care. They’ve asked the right questions when they’ve spoken to people already in their network and secured new work.

Remember it’s easier to sell new services to existing clients so you have to focus on how the needs of your clients have changed. What do they need from you now?

Look at what options are available to pivot.

There’s always options. Either to pivot the service or the sector that you work in.

It might not be forever. Just for now.  Look at what skills do you have, what you currently offer and what else you could offer right now to existing clients or a new audience to help them now.  What offering could you develop that’s as close as possible to your core offering that would help people through what’s going on now.

Great pivots come from your skills and strengths.

Think about how the skills you have can really help your target market – what are their challenges and how are they being impacted by what’s going on right now? How does your offer and service solve that problem for them.

Think you can’t pivot?

Think you can’t do anything to grow your business right now?

You’re wrong.

Many of our clients who had face to face businesses have adapted to being online, generating enquiries, making sales, taking their conversations online.

Forget the old rules.

The old rules don’t apply anymore.

The old ways of doing business.

The old way of serving your clients.

Now’s not the time to rest on your laurels and hide on the sofa until this is all done. Now is the time to look at new ways of winning business, making sales and driving your business forward.

What action can you take so you ace your marketing and continue to generate leads?

What tweaks do you need to make to your marketing message so it resonates with the pain your target market have right now?

How do you need to adapt your sales process so you can still close deals and serve your clients now?

We’re in a different world a new world with new rules.

What’s next?

The lockdown will end but the question isn’t so much what’s next but what do you want to achieve and where do you want your business to be when we come out of this?

Want to survive?


Want to make sure you’ve generated enquiries and kept closing deals and kept putting cash in the bank.

Build that momentum now.

Be visible whilst your competitors batten the hatches and wait for this to be over.

Find out how we can help you do that.

We’re the UK’s only team of experts in sustainable growth for service businesses. We’re all about the actionable steps you can take right now to make sure your business sees this through.

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