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“Busy” Is Not An Excuse!

Is your level of action in line with the level of result you want to achieve?

Personally I think most people kid themselves that the answer is “yes” when in fact it’s “no”.

And then people act all surprised when they don’t achieve the result they are after.

Wake up and smell the roses!

It’s time to get a grip.

I have numerous clients looking to double the size of their businesses this year.

It’s totally achievable.

If they put in the right effort 

Being busy is not the right effort.

In fact being busy strangles your progress.

[I’m writing this on my phone and I keep hitting the “t” instead of the “y” and getting bust instead of busy.  It fits quite nicely…if you allow yourself to stay busy you could end up bust!]

I hear it all the time….”I’ve been really busy with client work so I haven’t

[insert growth action they should have taken]

But here’s the thing… you want to be busy…

It’s like saying “it’s ok I can catch up in a few weeks as it’ll be quiet “.

You don’t want it to be quiet and it’s highly unlikely it will be!

You need to take the action now.

Sometimes you get an immediate benefit to taking action like picking up the phone to follow up and closing the deal, but mostly the action you take today won’t convert into cash in your bank balance for 3 to 6 months.

So if you are looking to achieve decent growth you need to take consistent action now.

Do you want a medal?!

I know you are busy.  But so what?

Growing a business means you will be busy.

I can guarantee you it is possible to carve out a bit of time every day to make that growth dream a reality.

But here’s the snag…

You need to want to achieve that growth badly enough that you are willing to make the time happen.

So do you?  Do you want it badly enough?

Then stop making excuses and step up to the plate.

But what action should I take?

Good question!

In my experience most people know what they can do to grow their business, they just don’t do it, so grab a piece of paper and write down every action you could take to achieve some decent growth.

Do a total brain dump.

Now go back through the list and find the actions which will give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Next, schedule them into your diary.  Break them down into small bite-sized actions and get them done!

If you feel yourself about to give an excuse for not doing them, give yourself a reality slap, and then get it done.

I know what it’s like…

I run a busy business.  I’m a working mum.  I know what it’s like to have to juggle continually all day.

But I make the time to grow my business.

Why?  Because it’s important to me.

Is it important to you?

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