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Time management: Making every minute count

We’ve all heard the standard ways to improve your time management so I decided not to waste my time or yours by writing about those (I didn’t think that would be effective time management) so instead I’ve shared below the tricks I use to drive my productivity. My clients use these and get great results […]

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Time management: The balancing act

The balancing act: Setting boundaries I bet that one of the reasons you decided to set up your own business was because you wanted to work the hours that suited you, and probably less hours than you were when you were employed. Am I right? I meet many a business owner who has found themselves […]

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Time: The gift we would all love but rarely get…

…time.  We are all equally time rich.  We all have 24 hours in our day.  What is different though is how we chose to spend that time.  People who successfully, and sustainably, grow their business do so by making growth a priority.  That basically means that they don’t let themselves lose sight of how important […]

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Time management: Place your bets

I often liken several aspects of running your own business to playing roulette (ironically I have never played roulette but in my head it works as a reasonable analogy J).  Bear with me and I’ll explain.  In the game of roulette you have tokens that represent money to place on the number/colour that you believe […]

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The one thing I get asked the most

As most of you know I am a working mum, I like picking my girls up from school, watching them in school events, having plenty of quality family time, I continually market my business including a reasonable amount of networking each week, I look after numerous networking groups which involves supporting the teams and helping […]

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Time to Take Control

The biggest barrier to growing your business is time.  Do you resonate with that?  Do you feel that you spend all of your time doing “stuff” for your clients and business admin so there’s never enough time to do that key piece of work to grow your business? Well here’s a thought for you…I bet […]

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