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Success Stories

The best advert for my services are our clients.  Here are some of their thoughts on what it’s like to work with us:

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“Claire turned my big ideas into little, workable steps. She increased my earnings per client, whilst at the same time helping me increase the value my clients received. Claire not only understands my business but helped me to understand it too – with immediate and tangible results”.  Stefan Thomas, Author of Business Networking for Dummies

“I decided to work with Claire because I was frustrated at the speed my business was growing. Like most business owners I was making a number of typical mistakes. I was spending too much time working IN the business on low value tasks, rather than working ON the business. Claire helped me set my objectives and then develop a growth strategy to achieve them.

Since implementing our growth strategy the results have been fantastic. In a short period of time, we’ve grown the business considerably and we are on track to make 2014 this our best year by far.

 Claire’s expert advice and guidance has been invaluable for me. I’ve also found that being held accountable for hitting the deadlines that we set has made all the difference. The best ideas are worthless unless you implement them – Claire has given me the focus and motivation I needed. For that reason I cannot recommend her highly enough if you’re looking to grow your business! Thanks Claire.”  Peter Tyler, MD Brand Box Marketing

“Our turnover had remained at a similar level for a number of years, and although we had recently made some changes to the structure of our jez-1 cropbusiness, including staffing we felt that we needed help to become more strategic in how we approached future growth.  The biggest change that Claire has brought about has been a change in thinking.  As well as helping us to see that we needed to become more specialised and find our niche we have become much more confident in the way in which we promote our business and this has led to a wide range of benefits which have improved our bottom line.

Claire has been an extremely valuable source of motivation and focus.  Her insightful questioning and relaxed style has allowed us, over time, to make important changes to the way that we approach marketing and managing our sales pipeline; this can be seen both in the increased enthusiasm of our team and in the bumper year we are having (~33% growth).”  Jez Currin, MD, The Media Collective

David Bucknall RangerWorking with Claire helped to clarify things – it’s easy to lose the focus of what a business should be about. For me, being always busy developing the product, managing customers etc – yes it was all vital, but not really helping to grow the business, or even put it on a footing to do that. Then it becomes a habit and before you know it you are ticking over, but not achieving full potential. Then they become habit forming and before you know it you can forget that business growth would enable you to take on staff, delegate, make more money and reduce stress.

Well, I’m now focused on my number one priority – to increase revenue / grow the business. It’s what you set out to do at the beginning as a business owner, but as I said earlier, when the day to day stuff starts kicking in, it’s easy to lose sight of that. I can’t be the only one who then ends up a busy fool. As a result of working with Claire & getting fixed targets down on paper I have much more focus. I have streamlined some areas of business including delegating some areas which were eating up my time. I also now have a significantly improved sales generation system in place which I would have been months and months (and months!) off doing by myself.” David Bucknall, MD, Ranger Data Systems

“Having decided to rebrand my business I also decided I needed support in marketing and growing this business.  IJo VFM 106 looked at various business coaches however no-one felt quite right; there was always a little niggle and then at a networking event I spent some time with Claire and from there we agreed to meet up and have a further discussion to see if this was the right way to go.  Having spent more time with Claire I felt very comfortable that she was the right person and this was because I felt comfortable with her.  Claire understood where I was and where I wanted to go.

I have gone through Claire’s workbooks and they are thought provoking and really draw from you what your business is, what you offer, who your target market is, your marketing message, how you will market that message, the benefits to your clients, who your competitors are… these workbooks make you think and really understand you and your business. And Claire has been there every step of the way.

From working with Claire I maintained focus & momentum and if, on occasion, that wasn’t the case Claire was there getting me back on track.  I have targeted the right audiences with the right messages and my business is going from strength to strength.” Jo Dufty, Director, Virtual Finance Manager

Caroline Andrews Oct 2013“After meeting Claire at a networking event I enrolled on her 5 day Business Growth Series. At the time I had been in business about a year and was challenged with not knowing where I was headed and how to reach my potential clients, income was not growing as I hoped. Her videos, which are easy watching and thought provoking, helped focus me and I was able to identify my target income and clients as well as my own limiting beliefs. I have since started tracking client enquiries and, now I know the clients I want to attract, have been able to start targeting them directly instead of my previous scattergun approach.

The videos came at just the right time as I was about to be distracted by other money making ideas that would have removed my focus from building my business. I feel far more confident about where I am heading, what exactly I am selling and to whom. I sincerely thank Claire for her sound advice and guidance and would recommend her to anyone who needs motivation and clarity on their journey to becoming a successful business person.” Caroline Andrews, Founder Cotswold Confidence

 “I met Claire through a networking group and was immediately impressed by her positive, can-do attitude, total Andrew Bridgewater at AV Diet Seminar. 10/9/09Pic: Keith Blackhamprofessionalism and excellent marketing skills.  When I heard her mention her 6 month Business Growth programme I felt compelled to join it.  I had a fledgling business and felt her programme would help give me the focus to move it forward and also help me plug the gap I felt I had with my marketing. 

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Claire.  The materials she uses coupled with her supportive style and knowledge of business development have led to me gaining considerable clarity on the way to move my business forward.  Claire has really helped me become very clear about my niche and how I am uniquely placed to help clients. The accountability has worked well for me and she has kept me inspired all the way through.  I now feel like my fledgling business can turn into a full time one with the ability to support me financially. By doing this Claire has given me a way of achieving choice and freedom.  I would definitely recommend Claire to anyone business owner who believes in their business but needs someone to help them turn it into reality.”   Andrew Bridgewater, Founder

Carol Crowther“I just completed Claire’s business coaching program – The Step to Step Guide to Growing Your Business and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I have worked through a comprehensive folder packed with information that challenged my thinking. I have lost count of the number of aha moments I have had. Claire has also given me some wonderful advice and guidance and has really helped me move my business forward. Claire is an expert in her field; that shows in the sheer quality and breadth her coaching package covers. She is also a delight to work with and I would recommend her services to anyone wanting to grow their business.”    Carol Crowther Owner

“I made the decision to work with Claire on her programme because I felt I needed support to grow my business. By steph othen photocompleting the workbooks and working with Claire I have revamped my marketing which means I’m more confident about explaining what I do and importantly about getting out there and finding more clients. 

The timescales that we worked to gave me natural momentum to keep progressing my business and with Claire’s support, I was more motivated to carve out the time necessary to make the progress I needed to.  I would sincerely recommend Claire to any business owner who feels they need a push in the right direction.”  Steph Othen Owner

perm“I wanted to launch a new service and I felt I needed to work with someone who understood exactly where I wanted to take the service and how to market it without overpowering my potential clients with too much info.  I had a very clear goal that I wanted to achieve and after speaking to Claire a few times I realised she was the right person to work with me and help me to reach my goal.

Claire is a very positive person from an experienced corporate background and I felt confident we would work well together to a clear timetable where time wouldn’t be wasted and we would get the results I was looking for.  Claire has given me great strength.  She helped me turn my knowledge into lovely marketing material that shows my potential clients the added value I can deliver to them.  The end result is very powerful and sends a clear message. Claire is very approachable and a pleasure to work with and is full of advice on how to get the best result.  She is very open to suggestions, putting my needs first and checking that I’m happy with everything.

Claire has delivered everything we discussed at our first meeting and more.  I’m now very confident about growing my business.” Perm Bassi, Unique Therapies

Ian RIchards“Finding a really good business growth advisor is quite difficult. Finding one who not only puts themselves out to really understand you as well as your business is even rarer. And finding one who wants to really support you in your moments of self doubt is pretty much none existent. Claire is this person, she’s not only a true loyal lady but she’s also a lady with a mission, and that is to help your business reach new heights and beyond your expectations. I have had the pleasure of working with Claire and she has a special way in dealing with people on all levels. She’s extremely enthusiastic, focused driven and passionate, and I would not have any hesitation in recommending her services, she’s a real gem.”  Ian Richards, Simply LinkedIn

“I’ve had my business for ~18 months and had a reasonable number of clients but I was keen to increase my revenue.  I decided to work with Claire to help me get focused on my business goals.  This then leads to Claire helping me build an effective marketing plan that targeted my ideal clients.  By working with Claire I have much more focus on my targets and I’m making steady progress to achieving them.  I would definitely recommend Claire to any Business Owner who knows they want to move their business forward and needs some external expertise & support to achieve it.”  Mark Northall,

“I was lucky enough to win Claire’s business review in a trade show raffle, on a day where most people only came away with a (plastic) goldfish. Now, what do we know about Claire? Well, she’s very well-liked amongst everyone in the 4N business network. What’s more, she’s a bit of a brain box (she has a PhD). But what’s she like as a coach? Well, Claire’s got a very good way of making the review a friendly, relaxed conversation rather than an interrogation. But nevertheless, she does get to the heart of your aspirations, what you’re doing (and not doing) and where you ought to be going. The best thing I can say is, having come away with a plan and a few good nuggets of advice, I’ve already implemented some of her suggestions. My “40 Second Pitch” to network groups has been refocused and has already started to bring one or two results, which I’m putting down to Claire’s input. You might have been toying with the idea of engaging a business coach. You may be wondering who’s the best one to go with. You could be delaying and thinking you don’t want to spend the money right now. Or you might be thinking you’ll only engage one if things aren’t working as well as they should in, say, six months or something. You might not be as jammy as me in winning a ‘freebie’ to start you off, but unless you’re brilliant at every aspect of your business (is anyone?), you really ought to seriously consider coaching sooner rather than later. And Claire McTernan should certainly be on your shortlist.” Phil Smith, SmithScribe

PERRY ENGINEERING LOGO svg“Claire has worked with us for nearly a year now and it has made a clear difference to the business.  I was a bit sceptical at first that the methods Claire showed us would make any difference to our overall performance but they certainly have.  We now have a clear focus on the monthly business performance, & it’s easier to make big decisions as we have a solid budget and cashflow forecast in place.   Claire has also streamlined our front end processes from “enquiry to production”, and helped me with a difficult staff situation.   I trust Claire’s business judgement and I am very comfortable to recommend Claire to any business.”  David Perry

“I asked Claire to help me understand the best way to differentiate my business from that of my competitors, and she did exactly that. I’m an accountant so showing that I’m different to other accountants was no mean feat. She is very easy to work with and full of energy. I would recommend Claire to anyone who needs clear, objective support to move their business forward.” Nav Ahluwalia, Aims Accountants for Business.