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Que sera sera, what will be will be

Is that how you manage your business?  Are you quite a naturally laid back kind of a person who likes to see how things will unfold, or, are you more of an action-orientated go-getter?  My personal view is that when it comes to having a successful business, that continually grows, you need to drop the […]

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The forgotten marketing channel

I’m going to focus on just one specific area of a first impression and that’s your business card.  In the vast majority of cases you will be giving your business card to the contact you’ve just made and it will become one of the enduring bits of information that your new contact has on you […]

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Time to Take Control

The biggest barrier to growing your business is time.  Do you resonate with that?  Do you feel that you spend all of your time doing “stuff” for your clients and business admin so there’s never enough time to do that key piece of work to grow your business? Well here’s a thought for you…I bet […]

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Are you being consistent?

Let’s get stuck into this week’s advice with a question…Is your “message” consistent across all of your marketing channels?  By this I mean if someone, eg a potential ideal client, was looking for exactly the “thing” you offer would they see the same marketing message no matter how many ways they look you up?  Would […]

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