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How To Get Bigger Businesses

Changing your client base so you gain work from larger clients is actually pretty easy. I know that sounds flippant but hear me out. It only takes two crucial steps….deciding to do it, and then sticking to it! Ok, maybe there is a middle step which is letting the world know you want bigger clients. […]

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Grrr, they’ve rescheduled again

You have a busy week ahead and have everything scheduled nicely into your diary then a key meeting gets postponed at very short notice and all your planning goes out the window. Sound familiar? We all have times when things just happen and we have to reorganise our diaries at very short notice, but some […]

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My Clients Slow Me Down

Do you ever find yourself groaning and admitting your clients are actually getting in the way of you getting stuff done? Having this problem is actually a sign of success as you only achieve this state of frustration if you have successfully secured numerous clients, so give yourself a good pat on the back. It’s […]

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The Four Steps You Must Take This Summer to Juggle Your Clients, Kids & Cashflow

What were your reasons for starting your own business?  Mine were the desire for more freedom & flexibility and also to earn more. That desire for freedom and flexibility was about more than just the hours I worked but also who I chose to work with and what I chose to deliver. I also wanted […]

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