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The Four Steps You Must Take This Summer to Juggle Your Clients, Kids & Cashflow

What were your reasons for starting your own business?  Mine were the desire for more freedom & flexibility and also to earn more. That desire for freedom and flexibility was about more than just the hours I worked but also who I chose to work with and what I chose to deliver.

I also wanted to be in a position where I never had to ask for time off again. I didn’t want anyone to have the power to decline my holiday requests.   Know what I mean? 🙂

Do you resonate with that?  Is that why you started your own business?

I try and live my life very purposefully.  I know what I’m aiming for each year on both a business level but also on a personal level and that keeps me very balanced.

What’s your working hours goal?

One of my key objectives every year is to reduce my hours by 60% over the summer.  I absolutely love my summers with my girls and I make the most of those 8 weeks.  Last year we had a big family holiday in Canada and this year we are going away 3 times to different parts of the UK giving me a total of 4 weeks off plus I’ll only be working a 3 day week for the remaining weeks.

Although I reduce my hours right back I still work with all my existing clients, at the same level as I do during the rest of the year, and so my revenue doesn’t drop.

I promise I haven’t developed any super ninja time-bending powers, so how do it do it?

It’s all about the plan

I plan! I have to make sure that I fully utilise every minute I’m available to work.

“Work” is a combination of working with my clients, writing content, networking and a few sales meetings.

I turn it around

I start with what time I want to work rather than how many “work” activities I need to fit in.  By making that switch in priorities I end up with a timetable that suits me (and my clients) rather than feeling I need to work more hours than I really want to.

Do you understand the difference? So, here’s how to do it

Step 1, Work out what days I will be available to work.

Step 2, Split them into time slots to fully maximise the available time.  It’s too easy to let clients choose the time for meetings which can chunk your diary right up, in a very inefficient way, so be on the front-foot with them and suggest the time slots yourself.

Step 3, Plan in the immovable appointments which for me are usually networking events.

Step 4, Slot my clients in.

The outcome is a very well managed and efficient diary which enables me to live my work life balance dream for those 8 weeks.

So how are you going to manage your diary so you can effectively take time off without reducing your revenue this Summer?

It’s easier than you think!

PS the photo is us on holiday in Canada last Summer 🙂

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