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JUMP! The Day Hannah Leaped into Profit

Meet Hannah.

Hannah was like so many small businesses.

She was struggling with her lead generation.

No Lead Gen was resulting in no new money in the bank.

Hannah is medical herbalist which means she’s highly trained in the same diagnostic skills as a GP and also in plant medicine and uses those skills to prescribe herbs to ease people’s medical ailments.

Despite being an awesome Medical Herbalist Hannah’s flow of clients had run dry.

Hannah had tried everything that had worked before.

She was out networking, posting on social media, doing free talks and following up the leads she had, but it simply wasn’t converting into cash in the bank.

Know that feeling?

JUMP! The Day Hannah Leaped into Profit

How to fix it?

Most people adopt what one of my client’s refer to as the “Ostrich Strategy” and stick their head in the sand!

It doesn’t take a genius to work out that isn’t a successful strategy.

All it does is let things get worse which is never beneficial.

Hannah is no Ostrich!

Hannah had heard me speak at an event about 18 months ago and had been on my list ever since.

She had seen my marketing about my Discovery Days but had felt the time wasn’t right.

But when she saw it in January she was tempted to attend.

But she got in her own way!

Hannah was worried about taking a whole day out of her business.

She was concerned that it was a pointless exercise as she wouldn’t be able to afford to sign-up with me.

And then there was the travelling as the event wasn’t local to her.

But she stepped up and booked in.

And then signed-up to work with me at the Discovery Day.

Wow what a result!

Hannah immersed herself in my advice and fully committed to implementing.

We revamped her messaging, her marketing, her pricing structure and her sales conversations.

The result?

Her best month in 6 months!

She made back her investment in my services in just 1 month.  Yep.  One month.

So why did it work?

It comes down to several different things….

It wasn’t just one area that needed improving. 

  • A Marketing expert would have improved her messaging and marketing but not her pricing/packaging or sales technique.
  • A sales trainer wouldn’t have improved her messaging, marketing or pricing.

Because I work across the full range of areas required to grow a sustainable business I optimise all of them for you delivering a more significant result.

Hannah listened and implemented straightaway.  Hannah trusted me and committed herself to following through.

She’s now reaping the rewards!

Here’s Hannah’s story in her own (brief!) words.

Be like Hannah and book into my Discovery Day in March

Check it out right here: https://servicebusinessacademy.co.uk/dd/march-discovery-day/

Stop being an Ostrich!

If you need to improve your business results then act now.  By delaying all you are doing is pushing back the point at which you’ll make more money and that doesn’t help anyone.

Get out of your own way and book your place today.

Got a question? 

Then simply send it to me on email right now: Send Mail

It’ll land in my personal inbox, I’ll answer it and help you understand if attending a Discovery Day is the right option for you.

Take action now ?

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Mr Michael Webb - 13th March 2019 Reply

Hello Claire

I am interested in your Discovery DAY but unable to attend in March as I am away on holiday please let me know when your next recovery day will be.

Many thanks


    Claire McTernan - 14th March 2019 Reply

    Hi Michael
    We’d love to have you attend as my approaches have worked incredibly well in the wellness sector so I’m very confident they would for you too.
    We have a Discovery Day on Tuesday 9th April.
    Click this link and get yourself booked in today https://servicebusinessacademy.co.uk/dd/april-discovery-day/

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