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Time to protect yourself

My strong preference is to always focus on the positive but it is important to make sure you have things covered in case something negative does happen.  For most of us this would be a client not paying, adjusting the scope of what we are delivering (usually increasing it!), or disagreement over the extent of […]

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Do you need more clients?

Businesses are always looking for more clients so I’m pretty sure you are too.  A key element to gaining more clients is successful marketing.  Although I know you know that I’m wondering if you are holding yourself back a bit from doing all you can to successfully market your business.  Let me explain…I meet numerous […]

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The "P" word

For your business to be successful you have to take action to grow it.  Another way of putting that would be…your ability to take the required action has a direct impact on the amount of money in your business bank account.  So how easy do you find it to take that required action? We all […]

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The time for huge action

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…we are currently in one of the main business growth zones of the year.  The children are back at school, and that signifies a time of business momentum where decisions happen thick and fast so it’s a great time to grow your business.  To paint this in […]

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