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Using social media to engage your target market

How to make your social media actually work for your business By Mark Northall So you have the numbers – whether they be likes, followers, connections or subscribers – but unless you engage with them the chances of turning them into customers, referrers and advocates is slim. Engaging content has to be worked on, but […]

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Time management: Place your bets

I often liken several aspects of running your own business to playing roulette (ironically I have never played roulette but in my head it works as a reasonable analogy J).  Bear with me and I’ll explain.  In the game of roulette you have tokens that represent money to place on the number/colour that you believe […]

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Growing your sales: Is your marketing armour complete?

Your marketing armour Imagine you are wearing a suit of armour on a mediaeval battlefield.  You can see thousands of opposing soldiers, all holding very sharp looking spears and other weapons able to inflict considerable pain.  You are reasonably comfortable surveying this sight as your armour is new, covers all your major organs, and you’ve […]

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