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How to remove your competition

People’s attitude to other businesses that are in competition to their own is variable.  Some adopt the “head in the sand” approach and just ignore competitive businesses, while at the other extreme, some business owners get very concerned about their competition.  The right way to view your competition will depend on the type of business […]

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How do I attract the clients I want?

The key to successfully marketing your services or products is to dangle the value they provide like the proverbial carrot on a stick.  I see soooo many businesses fall into the same trap of talking features in their marketing material.  Features are needed to a certain extent but generally speaking features don’t sell the service […]

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Who are my ideal clients?

The best way to grow your business is to increase the number of ideal clients that you work with (or sell your products to).  I’ve heard stories in the past of business owners asking marketing specialists how to work out who their ideal clients are and getting the reply of “well that’s the $64m question […]

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Be brave – You have the power!

I meet numerous business owners who are worried about marketing their business.  It’s rare that this is because they aren’t sure how to do it, but usually because they are concerned about their ability to deal with the increased demand for their services/products. This usually results in them deciding not to take any action, and […]

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