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Was it good for you? Part 3

Step 4 – let’s make it realistic! It’s certainly not unusual for someone’s vision for their year ahead to be exciting and motivational one day (usually the 1st January!) but then feel quite overwhelming and intimidating the next. Does that sound familiar? Especially if you’ve had a tough day or are exceptionally tired! So what […]

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Was it good for you? Part 2

Last week I got you to write down your goals from 2013, how well you performed against each goal and then the truthful reason as to why you didn’t achieve everything.  This week we are going to use that information to help you do even better in 2014. Step 2 – what can I do […]

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Was it good for you?

Most business owners focus on next year’s targets over the Christmas period as they get some time off and so naturally reflect on their performance through the last year and what they want to achieve next year.  This is a reasonable approach but if you do the same you might miss out on some quick […]

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