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It’s Rarely About The Price Tag...

It’s Rarely About The Price Tag…

We are all consumers and continually make buying decisions using a set of emotional & logical factors to weigh up our decisions. Sometimes we barely engage our brains when we make the purchase just like when we buy our regular food shopping, but other times we think about that decision long and hard. When we […]

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Are You As “Cheap As Chips”?

Do you know you should be charging more but feel you can’t? Are you consistently over-delivering for the rate you charge? Do you want to provide a more strategic service but find you keep ending up doing the hands on day to day work instead? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any (or all!) of those […]

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One Thing That Can Boost Your Profits Quickly

  Being a busy fool sucks.  Do you think you are a busy fool? Are you working flat out delivering to your clients but still not making the money you deserve then you are a busy fool. Sorry! But, it’s easy to change (you are going to think I’m being a bit flippant but stick […]

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How Do I Decide on the Right Price for my Services?

This is the question that is one of the fundamental building blocks of a successful business. How much do you currently charge? Does it feel right? Is it working for you; are you gaining enough clients at that price point to make ends meet? As you are reading this then I think it’s safe to […]

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