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How to stick to your pricing strategy

Your pricing strategy is Yours. It belongs to you and as such is at your total discretion. For most business owners this means they tend to discount their services before they actually articulate the price to their potential client. This is because they convince themselves that their proper price will be too high and get […]

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How to defend your prices

Pricing is one of those topics that can cause a lot of discussion.  It’s pretty normal, when you are trying to price up a proposal, to have a discussion in your head about how high you should price it.  Invariably you will have a “secret formula” that you use which contains your hourly rate and […]

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Pricing: The Balancing Act

The Pricing scales Pricing can be a very sensitive balance; if you price your services/products too high you’ll lose business, but if you price it too low you won’t make enough money to make it worthwhile.  Where do you currently sit on the pricing scales?  The chances are you have priced yourself at the point […]

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How do I know my price is right?

I meet so many business owners that feel they should put their prices up but are fearful of doing it.  In this situation I always ask one question…How often do you lose business based on price? Very often the reply is either “never” or they will remember the one time they did.  If you have […]

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