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Words that sell

When big words aren’t clever You’ve done it. I know you have. I have too. At certain times, you’ve given up on reading something because it was either badly written, too difficult to understand or just very heavy going. Having said that, have you ever read some information – something with a bit of juicy […]

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Describing what you do in a way that’s engaging

When I first started out I called myself a business advisor. I found that I used to say it in a way that was almost apologetic as if it was the world’s most boring profession ever! The net effect was that it killed most conversations which is certainly not helpful at networking events. Now if […]

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Easy marketing: Testimonials that sell

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospects…how do they know your products or services are as good as you say?  In some cases they will ask a trusted source, but what happens if they don’t know anyone who has used your products/services before.  You would love them to make the leap of faith and […]

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