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Decisions you make can lead to positive reinventions

The current coronavirus outbreak is on a scale that most of us have never seen or even imagined would happen in our lifetimes.

Offices closed, shops with empty shelves, work and events being postponed have left people feeling worried and uncertain about the future but the world doesn’t stop turning. The businesses that will continue and will still be here after this all has gone will be the ones that have made decisions and changed the things that are in their control.

As humans we’re constantly making decisions on things (35,000 a day according to Psychology Today). Some of those decisions are easier to make than others! The ability to make decisions quickly based on the information you have has now been more important than ever.

Whether it’s a decision to change your offering, provide additional services or pivot into a different sector you need to make those decisions now. FAST.

So why, based on the amount of decisions we DO make is it so blinking hard to make some of the decisions you need to in business?

Stop making excuses

It’s so much easier to not make those tough decisions but in my experience, if you don’t make that difficult decision that you’ve been putting off then nothing is going to change and you won’t move forward. You can sit there and “let things happen” or you can take control of the things you can.  

A client I spoke to this morning said to me “this virus is the thing that I needed to happen to actually kick my into taking actions and making some decisions.” He’s created some new offerings and has a marketing plan already in place which will allow him to continue to serve his clients. He’s made a decision and creating positive opportunity.

To keep moving forward and to achieve your goals you have to become better at making decisions more quickly. Whether the decision is right or wrong is yet to be seen but the fact is – any decision will move you forward.

How can you get better at making decisions?

Well first off, you need to have a goal. That goal needs to be compelling enough to drive your behaviour, the decisions you make need to lead you closer to your goal.

Sounds easy right?

Now I can hear you say… “it’s OK for her to say that but……”

You need to evaluate the information you have and decide, based on that information whether the decision will move you closer to your goal and what ACTION you’re going to take based on that information.

Taking action will move you forward.

Here are our 5 top tips to help you make decisions in your business that’ll help you get results:

Fact find – assess the information you have

Obvious right? This is really important though. No one wants to make a bad decision but you must consider all the information that you have. You may not have all the information you want because it’s not available so you can only use the information that’s available.  By gathering the information you develop more knowledge which will help with making the decision and get rid of some options which may make the decision easier!

Consider the result you want to see

What do you want to see happen? What’s the goal and outcome you want off the back of the decision you’ve got to make? Will the decision lead you closer to your goal? If you’re thinking of offering a new service that your ideal clients might want? Consider the result they’ll need to see from your new offering. That will help you make the decision as to what you can offer.

Ask a trusted few

The key to this is a “trusted few” sometimes you’ll want to run a decision by someone you trust including a spouse or partner, a colleague, friend or peer group. Be careful not to take advice from too many people though because that’ll have you in analysis paralysis because there’ll be too many different perspectives!


Don’t try and do everything and be everything to everyone! When you’re under pressure to make a decision it’s sometimes best to take a break, go for a walk and come back to it with a calmer state of mind. Focus on one thing. Decisions will flow more easily then.

Learn from your previous mistakes!

Sometimes things don’t go to plan. Information that wasn’t available comes to light and sometimes you feel you’ve made the wrong decision.  Evaluate why that wasn’t the case and learn for them and use that previous experience to help you move forward and make a decision. Use the new knowledge you have and apply those to your future decision making!

What decisions do you have to make in your business?

Know that making a decision will move you forward.

Go on, make the decision and go for it!

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