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Are You Putting Them Off?

When a enquiry lands in your lap you want to ensure that you do everything to convert them (assuming it matches your ideal client criteria!).

Now I’m sure you do go all out to convert them but there’s probably some “things” that you are doing that may actually be repelling some of them.

It’s easier to accidentally repel a prospect than you think, so if your conversion rate is less than 100% then I suggest you read on…

Are You Putting Them Off?

How can I possibly be repelling my prospects?

How you are doing it will partly depend on what it is that you deliver.

Put yourself in the head space of your prospect.  They are coming to you because they need your help with X.

This usually means that they lack the expertise to fix X on their own.

Imagine you start talking about how to fix X and one of these happens…


  • You are so passionate about your area of expertise that your level of energy actually intimidates your prospect.
  • You use technical words/phrases that they simply don’t understand so you lose them in the conversation. Even your “lay-man’s” approach may not be lay man enough.
  • You use a word/phrase that actually puts internal barriers up in the prospect. It’s a very effective way to lose the sale without even realising it.


For example when you are talking about a technique you use which can be outside people’s comfort zone.  To you it could be very normal, and because you know it’s “painless” and effective you don’t realise the impact the word is having.  I’ve seen this happen when I was involved in a joint pitch, and the person pitching had no idea it had happened.


  • You forget that your prospect is coming from a place of minimal expertise and your knowledge base and confidence puts up a road block.


A great example of this is sales training.  Most sales trainers are very confident (as you would expect) so when they are selling to prospects that lack that sales confidence, if they come across too “in your face” without realising it, they will lose the sale.

I’ve seen the above happen to marketing consultants, mindset coaches, graphic designers, HR consultants, the list goes on.

And all of the people I’m thinking of while typing that list are all “normal” lovely people and not big shouty “in your face” types!


OK, but how do I know if it’s happening in my sales conversations?

Do you ever have sales discussions were the prospect nods along during the discussion so you think they are “with you” but the outcome is a “not right now”, or “I don’t think it’s for me”, or the dreaded “I need to think about it”?

If you do then I would think carefully about the tonality, energy and exact words you are using during your sales conversations.

Change one thing at a time and measure the impact on your conversion rate.

You could ask for honest feedback from prospects that have said “No” but bear in mind that the easiest answer for them to give is that it was the price or they “didn’t have the time” which are cop-out answers and will totally mess with your head!

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