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Business growth: How to have a better 2015 than your 2014

Change Decision Making ConceptDo it differently next time

Step 2: What can I do differently?

Have you got the list you wrote out last week? I want you to look at the reasons you wrote down as to why you haven’t achieved the progress you were after. Invariably one main reason comes up at this point…I didn’t have enough time.

In my experience that is just an excuse (I know that’s harsh but it is totally true) and the actual reason is …it was outside my comfort zone.

Telling yourself you haven’t got enough time is a great way to let yourself “off the hook”. We all know that we’ll make the time for something we feel is important enough so basically you didn’t feel those tasks were important enough to get done. When you need to push yourself out of your comfort zone it’s a great “get out of jail free card” to decide the timing isn’t right and that simply results in no action being taken.

These same two issues will come up in 2015 unless you get some real clarity on how to avoid those barriers derailing your progress.

Both of them come down to mindset. If your vision for 2015 is truly compelling to you, and you have totally bought in to the transformation you want to achieve then it will be much easier to stay focused on taking the required action.

If you can sense yourself putting up barriers to taking action because it’s outside of your comfort zone then think about what’s the worst that can happen if you actually do it.

Invariably the worst thing that can happen is that someone says “no”. Well in all fairness that’s not actually that bad!

If you are one of those business owners who will give a list of excuses for not doing something then you need to realise you are robbing yourself, and your dependants, from the future you dream of.

In business there is no “Dove from Above” to bestow leads into your lap. Everything comes from action you take. Even when you think you’ve been so lucky to land a new client, that wasn’t luck at all because you will be able to trace it back to action you took that precipitated that outcome.

Your business growth is 100% in your hands. It’s time to take total ownership!

Step 3: 2015; what do I want to achieve?

Ok, let’s now focus on more positive things. What do you want 2015 to be like for your business? What growth are you after? How will that be delivered? Do you need to develop any new products/services? How will that growth change your day to day life? What level of work-life balance would you love to achieve?

Get it all written down. Write in a way that’s compelling to you. If you are a very visual person then use images to illustrate it. Do whatever you need to do to make it as real and exciting to you as possible. If you have people in your life who will be positively impacted by it then talk it through with them.

I’ll share the final step with you next week.

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