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Do You Wish You Could Get More Enquiries? Here’s How…

When it comes to your marketing have you placed all your eggs in one basket?

Most people do and this is why most people aren’t getting the level of enquiries they want.

Your Marketing Basket

So what exactly do I mean?  I mean do you pretty much market your business in 1 way, or maybe 2?

I bet your predominant method of marketing is networking; either face to face or online.  Am I right?

These can be effective methods but not always.

They both rely on you standing out which can be tricky especially online.

Face to face is usually more effective as it’s easier for people to get to know you and therefore your business.  It can be a slow burn but can yield high returns.

So what’s the issue with networking?  It’s just one thing.  You are literally putting all your eggs in one basket.

If you have successfully generated leads from online and face to face networking then you can just about count it as 2 different marketing channels but that’s still not enough.


So how much marketing should a business do?

The answer could be “as much as possible” but to give you a firm steer on this I help my clients put in place 8-10 different marketing channels.

What’s a marketing channel?  I simply mean “different ways of marketing their business”.  I bet you’re thinking “I don’t have the time for that! Am I right?

What do you have the most time for?  Keeping yourself at a pain point of not having enough leads coming in, or, doing a bit more marketing to generate those leads quicker?

If gaining those leads is important to you then you will find the time.  And, it doesn’t have to take long at all.

Take me as an example

I do 8 -10 channels all the time and have done for years.

For the last 3 events/workshops I’ve run I would have only gained a third of the sales if I had relied on networking.  In all fairness I wouldn’t have been very pleased if that had happened!

Maybe right now you are restricting your sales by a third because you aren’t doing some simple additional marketing?  How different would your business feel if you gained an extra 67% in sales?  Pretty different I bet!

So what extra marketing was I doing beyond standard networking?

I have a newsletter that gets issued regularly.  A small proportion of the people on it are networking contacts but the vast majority are people I’ve never met but have opted in to receive it over the years.

When I run a workshop/event I market it to that list.  That list delivered a third of my additional sales.

The last third came from doing Facebook lives.  This is such a great platform.  I had to be cagouled in to doing these at first but now I’m in the swing of them they are actually easy to do and have a significant impact if the content is good.

I also download the Facebook live, load in on to my website and send it out to my list as fresh content which works well too.

Those are the 2 that have been great filling the events.

My other ones which have proved to be great at generating leads are:

  1. Speaking at events. A good talk should always generate you leads.  If it’s not then you need to consider why and make some changes.
  2. Content marketing. I create content continually and this gets shared everywhere.  It first goes out to my list and then the following week it goes across all of my social media platforms.  Each week I share 2 blogs a combined total of 15 times.  Social media is noisy so you need to be noisy.
  3. Website. I have a lead magnet on my homepage which people opt-in to download it. This achieves 3 things: it attracts people to my site so they look around and see what I do and my success stories, they get to read some great content so it establishes my position as an expert in my field, and it gains me extra people on my list.
  4. Pay Per Click advertising. I tend to spend ~£3-5 to boost my blogs on Facebook (I only boost 2 a week), and I boost events and workshops too. I never spend much at all but it has a significant effect.

I do the usual social media thing of interacting in some specific groups, I ask for referrals, and I’ve fostered some nice Strategic Allilances so all in all I do a lot of marketing all of the time.

It gives me a marketing machine that continually feeds me leads.

Do you have that?

Because I do it continually I don’t even notice the time is takes.  For instance I can write a blog in 20 mins.

But it all relies on one thing?

All your marketing relies on your knowing who your ideal client is as all of your messaging, including your blogs, need to be tailored to their needs.

Your networking will be more effective if you can succinctly describe the value you deliver, and why you are uniquely placed to deliver it.

If you want to generate more leads…

…you need to improve your messaging and do more marketing.  It really is as simple as that.

Just choose one thing to improve and one new way to market and then implement!