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If you always do what you've always done …

time to change iStock_000018072281Small…you’ll always get what you’ve always got.  That is one of my favourite business sayings as it’s a constant reminder that you need to change your behaviour if you want different results.  As obvious as that sounds so few people actually do it.  A very high percentage of business owners will quite readily say that they want to grow their business, and say this knowing that will require them to take action that is different from what they currently do.  But the vast majority don’t significantly change their business behaviour and thus they don’t grow their business.  The months go by and they wonder why they haven’t achieved the business growth they are after. 

So why does this happen?

From the business owners I meet I would say there is one overriding reason why…Business Growth just isn’t important enough to them. 

Generally speaking people will take action to either move away from something or to move towards something.  For business owners this tends to be money related and invariably what motivates them in the early days is the need to move away from the struggle to pay the bills and that can be a very strong motivator.  Most businesses successfully move far enough away from that painful place that their motivation to continue to take action starts to fade.  For most they haven’t actually moved far enough towards their desired financial position so they stay in a “just getting by” zone.  The key to moving out of the “just getting by” zone is to take proactive action to continually move forward. 

In the 5 steps to matching your Corporate salary the first step is about taking ownership and that is absolutely key to growing your business.  You are the only person who can make the decision to grow your business and take the required action to make things happen.  The key to doing this successfully comes down to your motivation. 

How motivated are you to push through the barriers that stand between you and the success you desire for your business?  The only barriers that exist to you achieving it are the ones you have put their yourself.  A classic one is “not enough time”.  When something is important to you then you make the time to do it.  There is always a way to free up time in your diary when you are motivated to achieve a goal.

This week’s challenge is to do some soul searching…

What are you truly motivated to achieve?

What do you feel is preventing you from achieving it?

How can you make it happen?

What actions are you going to take this week to move your business forward?

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