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A time for planning: The Summer focus

target croppedJanuary through to the end of June is a bumper time of year for business growth, although there is always a slight blip over Easter when things slow down a bit. The summer holidays come along and everything slows down while people go on holiday and enjoy the good weather. Once the schools go back in September everything starts up again and there is always a good burst of activity through until the middle of November, but again there is usually a slowdown in October which coincides with the school holidays. So basically that means we have 3 weeks in September, 3 weeks in October and ~2 weeks in November left to really grow our businesses and make sure we hit our targets that we set for the year. I always find it’s quite a sobering thought to know we are only in the 7th month of the year but the bulk of the prime business growth time is behind us already. But don’t panic. With some clear, decisive, significant action you can still hit your end of year target.

How’s that possible? Use the summer to your advantage. I love the summer. It’s my favourite time of the year. I’m naturally more energised and I take time away from my business to be with my gorgeous girls. I find a great by-product of that energy and time away is that I become more creative about new products and marketing campaigns. I use the summer to build the focus and planning in to my business to propel it forward from September through to November so I can capitalise on the inherent business growth that happens during those months.

Do you know exactly how many new clients you need to acquire September to November to hit your end of year target? Do you know what marketing you will be doing September to November to help you hit that target?

What is it you want to have achieved by Christmas to be able to feel happy with the progress you have made this year? The advice I give my clients is that it shouldn’t be personally acceptable to get to Christmas and think “I wish I had gone ahead and …” or “if only I had started X earlier”. Instead you should be thinking “I’m so impressed with myself because I worked hard and achieved …”. What is it you need to make happen September to November to make sure you are giving yourself a well-earned pat on the back at Christmas? What planning do you need to do over the summer to help make that happen? You have the power to create the business of your dreams; you just need to take focused action. Use the summer to get focused and make September to November really count.

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