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The 7 Steps to Increasing Your Capacity so You can Grow Your Business

I know what it’s like.  You’re up to your eye balls delivering your client work and there never seems to be time to do all that other “stuff” to grow your business.

You know you want to grow it, and you even know what you need to do, but you just don’t have the time to make consistent progress.

Sound familiar.

It’s easier to fix than you think.

Here’s my 7 Step Plan to Increasing Your Capacity


  1. Let’s look at your client work first…how many hours have you already committed to working with/for clients?


  1. Work that out and then book those hours into your diary. Your head will tell you it’s more hours than it actually is.  My planning in what you need to do it will help to reduce your over-delivery and under-charging too!


  1. Next work out how much general admin time you need. This should include your invoicing, setting up meetings etc.  It should encompass everything you need to do to make sure you can deliver & bill for the client work you booked in to your diary in steps 1 & 2.


  1. Book that admin time into your diary. Be realistic as you’ll need to spread it out as it’s not realistic to do it all in one day.


  1. With the time you have left, work out how many hours you can spend on business development to grow your business.


  1. Now you know how much time you can spend on biz dev, work out exactly what you need to do in that time and then book it in to your diary just like your client work.


  1. Stick to it!


It really is that simple. Follow these 7 steps and you’ll create time, without working longer hours, to actually grow your business!

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