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The Business Hamster Wheel

Most business owners struggle to find the time to work on their business rather than in it.  This is usually attributed to two main causes: 1) having to deliver to an active customer base, and, 2) not having staff to delegate to.

In my experience the main cause is usually quite simple…they haven’t made business growth a key priority.  I appreciate that this is easy to say and when you have work coming out of your ears it is definitely “easier said than done”.

We have all heard of the “80/20 rule”, well is applies just as easily to how your time is spent in your business.  It certainly helps to sharpen the mind when you consider that 20% of your time goes to produce 80% of your revenue.  This directly implies that the other 80% of your time could be used more effectively.

For instance consider how much time you spend answering emails.  It is probably the biggest drain on people’s time & effectiveness.  It’s a great communication tool but it can totally obliterate your “things to do list” as you check it numerous times a day and let it take priority over other activities.  Some business owners have taken to checking email at one or two key times a day, and definitely not first thing.  This has allowed them to free up time for use on more important activities.

Truly successful businesses, of all sizes, make business growth a key priority.  What actions can you take today to better utilise your time and create a few hours a week for business growth?

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consulting community - 3rd October 2013 Reply

Wonderful thoughts. will return here often.

Cathrine Kapswara - 10th April 2015 Reply

Great advise. I can relate to it 100%. We are in that business hamster wheel. And it’s exhausting. My husband and I work together in our business and we are in that boat and it has been painful to get the business up and profitable.

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