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The one thing I get asked the most

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As most of you know I am a working mum, I like picking my girls up from school, watching them in school events, having plenty of quality family time, I continually market my business including a reasonable amount of networking each week, I look after numerous networking groups which involves supporting the teams and helping the groups grow, and, importantly, I have a lovely bunch of fab clients that I work with on a fortnightly basis.  What I get asked the most is how do I fit it all in.

  • It’s important to note here that I am certainly not super human. I do it all by…
  • Staying focused on there always being enough time to get things done. As soon as you let your mindset flip to worrying about not having enough time you’ll get stressed and become unproductive.
  • Planning my available spaces in my diary so I book the right type of appointments in to the most appropriate spaces. For example I’ll do 2-3 hr sessions with clients during an afternoon but never in the morning as I find my diary management is better if I keep the mornings free for networking, 1 hour client meetings and for meeting potential clients.
  • Making the most of every minute I have, whether that’s a working minute or a mum minute! As most of you know I work in my car whenever I have a spare few minutes between meetings. This has gained me over 5 hours a week!
  • Being very clear on what I need to get done. I keep a list!
  • Keeping the 80/20 rule in mind and trying hard not to be distracted by checking emails too often etc. This also helps to keep perspective with what’s important and what isn’t as it’s easy to spend a load of time on something that actually will make little difference to anyone!
  • Delegating what I can to my Virtual Assistant. I am clear where I add value to my business and where I don’t and I delegate as much of the areas where I don’t as possible.
  • Using as many systems as I can to save my time whether that’s invoicing or tracking “things to do”. I have each client with a separate price list item so I don’t have to look up how I word their invoice each month, and I now have my clients all using the same “things to do list” system online so I can easily see how they are all doing.
  • Utilising automation software. This is great as there are so many great tools now which mean you can schedule activities to happen even when you are not working.
  • Knowing how to drive my behaviour to keep me doing the right stuff! Sometimes this comes down to motivation by chocolate.
  • Distancing myself from my emails if I’m not working so I stay “present” in whatever I’m doing. This is really important as it really helps to rejuvenate me and makes sure that I spend quality time doing the things that I love which is usually spending time with my family.

When I hear people tell me they don’t have enough time I know this actually means they are not committed enough to achieving their goal.  Not finding the time to grow your business is the best excuse ever for not taking action.  What are you going to do differently to make sure you can find the time to create the business you dreamt about when you first started out?


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