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What Road Runner Can Tell Us About Business Growth

I’m going to write this backwards and begin with what it takes to grow your business.

When it comes down to it it is actually very simple….

All it takes is Focused Effort.

Now you can pad that out a bit and add that it needs to be effort in line with the strategic direction of the business.

But in all fairness that just means that:

  1. you are selling something that enough people want
  2. at a price point that makes you enough money
  3. you know how to find these people
  4. you know how to market to them in a way that makes them buy
  5. you can deliver it without killing yourself


The answers to those 5 points are just educated guesses.  That’s all they ever are.

Even if you pay £squidillions to some of the biggest consultancy firms in the world all they will do is some research to find the data to support the educated guess because there is no definitive “Yes” when it comes to running your business.

The only definitive thing that exists in business life is that you need to take ACTION to achieve the outcome you desire.

Just like Road Runner.

What Road Runner Can Tell Us About Business Growth

Why Road Runner?

When I think of Road Runner I think of speed, quick thinking and being ahead of the game.

Those are key business attributes too.

You have to take action to achieve progress.  There’s no shortcut, no “just sit and watch day time TV and it’ll land in your lap” strategy that works.

Even if you outsource all of your sales & marketing you’ll sit need to put effort into briefing the team, managing them and monitoring the outputs.

You get nothing for nothing is this game!


So how do we become Business Road Runner?

You step it up.

I’ve been growing businesses long enough to know it doesn’t actually take a lot of effort to get a good result.

But it does rely on taking some effort.

But what effort?  That’s the real challenge.


My Favourite Ways to rapidly grow your business

So here are the ways that are currently working well for both me and my clients:

  1. LinkedIn – build out your connections with your ideal prospects and then post daily. Make 80% of your posts “buy my stuff” type ones if you want to drive some quick enquiries.
  2. Client video testimonials – these are like marketing gold dust. In fact I’ve just got off the phone from a lovely lady (a prospect) who has been stalking me on LinkedIn and has just watched a client testimonial video on my website.  This stuff works!
  3. Strategic Alliances – these are companies who offer a non-competitive product/service to the same ideal clients that you would love to sell to. Find them and make them your best referral partner ever.


Those are my top 3, and they work, consistently.

And they don’t even take much effort.

I did a post on LinkedIn every day for 21 consecutive days and gained 8 new clients.

I have clients using the same strategy and getting enquiries.  It works.

So be like Road Runner…be speedy, be ahead of the game and then get to enjoy chilling ?

When I think of the Road Runner cartoon character I think of speed and that he outwitted Wile E Coyote every time.

It’s like Road Runner seized the opportunity and just jumped on it while poor Wile E plotted and planned and messed it up every time.

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