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How to Get a Quicker “Yes”

How to Get a Quicker "Yes"

“They take so long to decide.”

“They loved it but they are still thinking about it.”

“We had a great conversation, I followed up but I never managed to convert them.”

All classic comments from people who are trying to sell services and finding the decision making is dragging on.

Do you get that happening?Does your head in doesn’t it?! It’s easy to change

Most people assume it is just the way it is and accept it.

But (here’s some tough love) you are causing 80% of it.

Yep.  You.

It’s what you say.

It’s what you dont say.

It’s all about you.

It’s so easy to give people the chance to go away and think about it when a few good questions would get you a “yes” there and then.

All you need to do is ask them to make the decision.

Don’t back away from that question.

If they need to consult with others then ask what they think the others will say?

And absolutely check your guy is a 100% Yes otherwise he won’t push your solution.

A buyer saying “I need to run this past Bob” could be a polite No so you need to know that’s not the case otherwise you’ll be wasting time following up for nothing.

I’m a natural reflector 

If you are a natural reflector like I am it is far too easy for us to trigger our prospects to go away and reflect on their decision.

Stop doing it right now.

It hurts them and it hurts you.

The absolutely best thing you can do is to help them make a quick decision.

One of my more ballsy closes

“I just need to think about it” is what a prospect said to me about 3 months ago.

The old me would have said “I totally understand, when should I give you a call?”

The new me opted for “What do you need to think about?” 

A slightly less ballsy option could have been “I totally understand, what exactly do you need to think about?”

The prospect in question said “Good question!” and then laid out her objection.

I resolved it and she signed up.

If I had let her walk away I would never have closed her.

Her desired to “think about it” was because I hadn’t done a good enough job of nailing the value and uncovering her objections.

If I had taken her need to reflect on face value I wouldn’t have been serving her or me. 

How many times have you been guilty of doing exactly that?

How much money have you left on the table by doing that?


But we have a 2 stage buying process

Maybe you sell an initial consultancy piece and then a bigger project off the back of it.

If you do I bet you can get stuck with a big gap between the 2 pieces of work as they require 2 separate sign-offs.

Again, that’s coming from you because you are letting them have 2 separate sign-offs.

Take that gap away.  When you outch the work pitch the whole thing (part 1 and 2) and say they have the right to opt out of part 2 if required.  

This way the intention is to always proceed, that gap goes away.  They get quicker implementation and results while you get paid quicker.  Win:Win.

What are you going to do differently to stop these prospects dragging things out or slipping through your fingers?

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