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Planning & Determination (New Balls Please…)

Planning & Determination (New Balls Please...)

Planning and determination are the two key ingredients to growing your business.

What score would you give yourself for them?

I do like watching Wimbledon. I’ve enjoyed particularly watching Coco Gauff.

Coco is a 15yo who’s wiping the floor with the main players even though this is her 1st big tournament.

I watched one of her matches and she was significantly behind and fought back to win.

In her interview the interviewer asked how she kept a level head when she’s so far behind.

Her reply was simple:

“I know, no matter what the score is, it doesn’t change my ability to gain more points”.

What a cool head on young shoulders!

That has tons of analogies with business.

  • When you lose a client.
  • When you don’t get the volume of enquiries you want.
  • When there’s not as much money in your bank account as you need.

None of that changes your ability to go out and create the exact opposite.

A poor marketing campaign doesn’t change your ability to produce a good one.

Losing a client doesn’t impact your ability to gain another one.

Not generating enquiries today doesn’t alter your ability to generate them tomorrow.

What does impact all of those areas is your determination, your focus and, your attitude.

The quickest way to screw up your business is to allow yourself to stay in a pit of despair.

To convince yourself that you are rubbish at marketing.

To hide and decide no-one wants to buy your services.

The cure…?

Show up.

Be consistent with your marketing.

Continually expand your audience.

Do great work and create raving fans.

Own your space.

Be like Coco.

Go take on the world, one client (one point) at a time…

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