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It’s Our Job to Show Up!

It's our job to show up

I see it happen far to often.

“Let me know if I can help”

“Here’s the link to book on”

“Get in touch if you have any questions”

All of them are horrid passive statements.

It’s our job to move towards them

Our prospects dont want to work to buy our stuff.

It’s our job to make their life easy.

If being passive was an effective way to grow your business everyone would be a millionaire!

It just doesn’t work that way.

I cringe when I see people use those phrases I just mentioned.

You see it all the time on social media.

“Inbox me hun”

Someone will be asking for a recommendation. People will get tagged in and then they just say the business equivalent of “inbox me hun”.

We want them to do the work. We expect them to move towards us.

They don’t. No surprise there then!

The job will go to the supplier who moved towards them. The one who inboxed them. Not the other way round.

How many times recently have you out an accidental barrier up to someone doing business with you?

How many leads have you repelled recently?

Have you…

Been in decent dialogue with a prospect but rather than close them there and then you scheduled a call back.

All that does is give them a chance to pull out or “be busy”.

Sent a link to a sales page expecting that to do the work for you?

Your ability to close is much greater than a sales page’s.

Responded slowly to a referral. What signal does that send?!

Had a sales conversation, promised to send a proposal over and either delayed sending it or didnt send it at all.

What are you doing!!! If they weren’t the right first tell them. If you are nervous then deal with it, but dont burn that relationship.

Stop playing at it!

Stop pushing them away.

Step up and show up.

Move towards them.

Want more sales? Then be super vigilant of your behaviour and always move towards them. Take the barriers away and close them.

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