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What Love Island Can Teach Us About Business

What Love Island Can Teach Us About Business

Value sits in the relationship.

The stronger the relationship you have with your client (or prospect) the more likely they are to work with you for longer.

I was talking to one of my private clients the other day and exactly this point came up along with their retort of “it takes time to deepen that client:supplier relationship so they are ready to make a more meaningful investment”.

Do you agree with that?

Or is it a convenient limiting belief that we tell ourselves?

It’s a limiting belief

Love Island is a great example of this.

Love it or hate it the programme is based on relationships and the speed at which they are made.

Just like business life, in the most recent series there were some contestants who were very open and easily built relationships and those who were more guarded.

But, even the guarded ones still built significant relationships in a couple of weeks.

In the “real world” that would have taken longer.

Relationships are not governed by time

The speed you get to know someone, even clients, is not governed by the length of time you’ve known them, but by the interactions you have.

The Love Island situation escalates the relationships because the contestants are together 24/7.

That constant togetherness speeds up the “know-like-trust” process.

How?  Because they ask the usual questions in a shorter timeframe.

All that “getting to know you” stuff just happens much quicker.

The result is that they are confessing undying love within a few weeks of meeting.

What would be the impact if you could do that in business?

Imagine being able to do that in your business relationships?

It usually takes me a coupe of months to get to know my clients well enough that I know the best way to drive their behaviour so they take action.

That used to take longer but now I ask different/more questions when I onboard them to speed up that process.

The impact is they get results quicker and work with me for longer.

The perfect win:win.

What if you did the same?

I asked the same question to the same client I mentioned earlier and it made them think about how to improve their client management process.

What additional questions could you ask early on in your client or prospect relationships to speed up that know-like-trust process to result in them paying you more?

Building a deeper relationship isn’t about time; it’s about questions.

And yes, I do watch Love Island when it’s on.  I enjoy watching the psychology in the relationships.  Plus it requires no brain activity on my part so, for me, it’s perfect evening TV!

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