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Tomorrow Never Comes: Do It Now!

Yesterday You Said Tomorrow

Q: How many times have you convinced yourself you’ll have a quieter week next week so you can catch up with stuff then?

A: Too often!

And the reality…it never happens!

There is no such thing as a quiet week. Whatever big thing is consuming your time this week may well not finish this week, but, something else will appear to consume that void in your diary next week.

Let’s face it, there was probably not going to be a space in your diary anyway.

It’s just wishful thinking, and it’s damaging your business!!

Wishful thinking is damaging your business
Every time you let that thought “I’ll have more time next week” pop in to your head you are delaying something important.

That something important is highly likely to be a task that would result in the strategic growth of your business. So by delaying it you are delaying your growth.

The nett result is that you stay working really hard and don’t make much progress.

But hey, it’s ok because you’ll have time next week!!

How do you create the space?
If it’s important then you MUST create the space.

It really is that simple.

Right now you are letting “stuff” fill your diary. Some of it is important, but some of it isn’t as important as the tasks you are delaying.

You need to set some time aside to get the important stuff done.
Just book it in as if it was an important client meeting.

Time to shift your mindset
This all comes down to what you perceive to be important.

Currently you believe your clients are more important than your business.

WRONG! Your business is more important than your clients. Without your business your clients wouldn’t get the benefit of working with you so you must make sure your business can flourish.

I know you agree with that in principle but you need to be living it on a regular basis if you are to get the growth you desire.

Ok, how do I do it?
If you do tend to put things off until that quiet space occurs next week it will be because:

1) You believe the task is so big that it’ll take a chunk of time to complete and you’ve convinced yourself that’ll be next week.

Clearly that’s not going to happen so you need to break that task down into smaller bit-sized chunks that can more easily fit in to your diary, and then JUST DO IT!

2) You actually don’t want to do the task. It’s probably outside your comfort zone. The reality is that successful business growth activities all sit outside our comfort zone. It’s staying in your comfort zone that’s limiting your business growth so it’s time to tackle it.

So, acknowledge it’s a bit scary, break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks, understand that the world isn’t going to stop turning when you do it, and then JUST DO IT!

If you want to grow your business you need to wise up to the “I’ll do it tomorrow” stance.

eat that frogI’m a big fan of Brian Tracy and he strongly advocates “eating your frog first thing in the morning”. Your frog is the significant task you need to get done that day.

Make your business growth task that frog and gobble it down first thing before the day gets going and your emails ping in and your phone starts to ring.


The 3 steps to make it happen
You can do this. It really is that easy

1) Break the task down into smaller chunks
2) Book time in your diary, 1st thing to “Eat that Frog”
3) Be like Nike “Just do it

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