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Darwin Was Right! You Need To Evolve In Business

We are programmed to get things right before we say they are finished.

Just think about it…at school we were always told to check back through our work to catch every mistake. And worse, we were brainwashed to keep working on it until we achieved 100%. That was always the unstated goal.

When you combine those types of messages it’s no surprise that we strive to achieve perfection before we hit the send button.

We stay fearful of getting something wrong
This desire to get everything right can severely hamper your progress.

It’s like we are programmed to believe we have to get our businesses 100% perfect before we can start marketing & selling.


Business is an evolution
What you should focus on is progressing to the next step in your evolution.

Way too much time and energy is wasted, working tirelessly, trying to evolve from step one to step 10,000 in one go. It just isn’t going to work.

Even if you have an incredibly well articulated vision and plan for your business I can guarantee you that it won’t all fall into place as you predicted.

You know I’m right!

It will evolve and you need to allow that to happen, within the overall planning structure you’ve put in place.

Let your marketing evolve
Let’s use your marketing as an example.

You’ll have an idea of who your ideal clients are when you start up your business. Usually it’s a pretty broad definition.

It’s only natural that it will evolve as the weeks, months & years go by.

When you decide to revamp your marketing you need to take time to focus in on exactly who your ideal clients are so you can build a perfectly targeted message.

But…you don’t want to get so hung up on it that you stall for weeks trying to get it perfect.

Just take the next step in your evolution. Just promise to make it better than it was. That is progress.

Even worse than pondering over your message for weeks on end, is to believe that the message you wrote when you first started out is still correct 6, 12, 24+ months on.

You must allow it to evolve.

Darwin was right
Survival of the fittest is as true in business as it is in nature. Survival is usually related to an ability to adapt to changing situations.

That ability to adapt allows you to evolve.

Don’t hang on to an outdated marketing message or vision for your business.

Embrace the evolution and take the next step.

It’s easier than you think!

Just take simple steps
All you need to do is take simple, logical steps. This is actually easier than trying to perfect the huge leaps.

The world will not stop turning when you hit the upload button on the next evolution of your marketing material, or your next iteration of your 3 year plan, or whatever your evolution is.

Be brave. You’ve got this.