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What Food Shopping Can Show You About Business Development

I wish my cupboards and fridge would magically fill up with food to save me from doing the grocery shopping.

But they don’t.

Internet shopping is a huge help but we still need to order the food and put it away (I know, 1st world problems!).

There is no magical shopping fairy that does it for me.

So why is it we fall into the trap of thinking there is a magical creature to fill our business cupboards up with food?

What am I talking about?!

What Food Shopping Can Show You About Business Development

The food your business relies on to survive and thrive is business development.

Without some good juicy cans of business development your business will die.

But for some reason it’s far to easy to “put it off until tomorrow”.

And that happens on consecutive days and before you know it you haven’t done your business food shopping for days, weeks, even months.

But we wouldn’t do that with the food shopping.

We wouldn’t except to survive, let alone thrive, if that’s how we did our real food shopping.

We accept we do need to buy food and consume it to survive.

So why do we ignore that when it comes to our businesses?

My personal view is because it doesn’t have an immediate impact.

If we run out of bread and milk we buy more because it has an immediate, visible, tangible impact.

But needing to do some biz dev activity like posting on social media, email marketing or booking speaking gigs doesn’t tend to have an immediate impact so it doesn’t have the same level of urgency as needing to buy bread.

But it should

That lack of perceived urgency zaps the energy and momentum out of your business.

And then you wonder why your enquiries have dried up!

Just like your food shopping, sometimes you need to do a big focussed “shop” and spend a couple of hours on your biz dev, and other times you can just do the equivalent of “popping to the corner shop” and put a quick post on social media.

But you have to do it.

Regularly and consistently.

Now go and plan in your business “food shopping”!

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