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The Phone Is Mightier Than The Email

Want to get more “Yep sign me up” than “I need to think about it” responses from your prospects?

Then you need to read and action this blog content!

Are you ready for a bit of harsh reality?

Emails won’t cut it.

If you want good sign-up numbers then emails alone aren’t the answer.

If you are a typical service based business so aren’t selling a gazillion different things to a list of a billion-gazillion then relying on email isn’t the answer.

I wish it was

I would love to rely on email to convert people from reasonably cold to working with me.

It would make my life soooo easy.

But that’s not how the world works.

Engaging people in a proper telephone conversation converts far more successfully.


Because we can build rapport more easily.

Because we can hear their tonality and they can hear ours.

Because we can ask great high quality questions so we can understand where they are at and therefore are in a better position to support them and their decision making.

Because it’s far more easy to get a “Yes”!!

Email will get you so far

Email definitely has a place in the mix.

Email is great to gauge interest and to identify the people you need to speak to.

And it will convert some people to a “yes” without a need for you to interact with them.

But it’s converting the 20% (and I’m probably being generous with that!).

I’m assuming you would like more clients than that 20%?!

Then pick up the phone!

I’m not a big fan of the phone

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not a big fan of the phone.  But I’ve learnt to embrace it because it works!

Relying on email, or any written medium such as social media posts, is how most businesses generate leads.

But most businesses struggle.

Do you want to be like “most businesses”?

No!  Then bring the phone into your marketing & sales repertoire.

Even the BIG internet marketing companies do it

I had the honour to have dinner sat next to Neil Patel, the huge internet marketing expert from the US.  I asked him what their best method was for converting prospects into clients.

Given he is Mr Internet Marketing I expected him to say it was killer sales & marketing copy but instead he said it was talking to the prospect either face to face or on the phone.

Don’t be lazy

It’s easy to take the lazy route and rely on the written word to do the conversion for you.

But if you do that you are leaving a lot of opportunity (money!!) on the table, and your competitors will probably come along and mop it up!

Don’t be lazy.  Pick up the phone, engage them in conversation (focused sales-led conversation!) and gain them as clients.

It works

One of my clients was sharing in my closed Facebook client group about her recent success.

She’s out there slaying it with much higher conversion than she’s experienced before.

When I asked what she was putting that down to one of her answers was “picking up the phone like you told me to do”!

Your next client is only a phone call away.  Who can you phone today to make that sale?

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