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It’s Never Good Enough; The Entrepreneurial Curse

As entrepreneurs we have a naturally ambitious desire to progress.

We see opportunity where others see problems.

But there is a flipside to our entrepreneurial spirit.

A negative, harsh flipside.

And that often means we feel like we haven’t done well enough.

We often feel we are failing to achieve the level of success we are after.

We push ourselves hard.

Our drive for results can often leave us shattered and deflated.

We “hit the wall” often.  Too often!

When we do celebrate an achievement we barely blink before we are back thinking about the next level we need to attain.

I know I do this and I’m positive I’m not alone…

I was in London last week speaking and exhibiting at a big business expo called Expert Empires.

I had the honour of having dinner sat next to Neil Patel (Forbes listed him in the top 10 of digital marketing experts in the world) and as we chatted we talked about goals and working hard.

He doesn’t perceive himself to be successful even though he’s achieved what most people will only ever dream of.

So I explained that he was suffering from the curse of being an Entrepreneur; that incessant drive to push the boundaries and achieve “more”.

Neil Patel at Expert Empires in London March 2019

So are you like myself and Neil?

Are you on a constant quest to achieve more?

At that same expo I, and my team, had a knock out day on day 1.  Totally surpassed our sales target for the whole event.  I celebrated that evening!

By 11am the next day I wasn’t happy as if I could do as well as I did on day 1 then day 2 should also be great and it had got off to a slow start.

If I hadn’t been gripped by the entrepreneurial curse I would have been simply happy riding on the wave of day 1.

The blessing of the entrepreneurial curse

But here’s the thing…

Because I had been gripped by the curse it made me step things up even more so we totally smashed our target by the end of day 2.

That wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been slightly unhappy.

The curse made me analyse where I was at so I and my fab team could step things up.  Again.

And that’s the thing about being an entrepreneur.

We focus.  We analyse.  We adapt.  And then… We hit it out of the park.

We do need some balance

Having said that there is a huge need to rejoice in your successes along the way.

I try hard to celebrate the big and the small successes, and I love celebrating my clients’ successes.

But I do find it hard to switch off from that constant entrepreneurial drive.

I have to be totally immersed in something very different to switch off.

We’re off to Cornwall surfing next week and that is one of the ways I totally switch off as you have to focus on the waves.

I also switch off well when I’m working out with my personal trainer as I have to work so hard that I fully focus on it.

A good boxset also grabs my attention and helps me switch off.

What do you do to balance the constant pull of the Entrepreneurial Curse?

How can you better harness the positive power of it to drive your business forward?

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